Commonly prescribed drug for lower back pain not effective

Lyrica ImageA recent study in the journal Neurology (1) found that pregabalin, marketed by Pfizer under the name Lyrica, is not effective for the treatment of chronic low back pain syndromes like lumbar spinal stenosis.  This study demonstrated a lack of relief with the use of pregabalin for walking pain associated with lumbar spinal stenosis.  Given the cost and potential side effects associated with pregabalin, this is an important finding that will improve patient care by identifying and reducing the use of an ineffective treatment.

  1. D. Markman, M. E. Frazer, S. A. Rast, M. P. McDermott, J. S. Gewandter, A. K. Chowdhry, K. Czerniecka, W. H. Pilcher, L. S. Simon, R. H. Dworkin. Double-blind, randomized, controlled, crossover trial of pregabalin for neurogenic claudicationNeurology, 2014; DOI: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000001168
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