The ICCN is a Diplomate/Fellow run organization.  The Diplomates and Fellows are empowered to elect the leadership and to manage the affairs of the College.   This page contains the management documents of the College.  These items are posted for the good of the order and for the full involvement of the Dips/Fellows in the management of the ICCN.

The information in this page is for members only. Please keep these matters in confidence.

Here are the Bylaws under consideration: 

The bylaws are in draft form because they await establishment by the Diplomate/Fellow members. Please take time to review the bylaws.  We will have an online meeting this Spring so they can be adopted.

Here are the Policies under consideration. 

Policies are established by the Board and they frame the functioning of the ICCN.  Please review the policies and let us know if you see any area of improvement.  The date at the end of the title is the date the policy was last updated.  Chapter 3 is reserved for the day when we have an executive director. At present, the president serves as the executive director.