International College of Chiropractic Neurology Establishes Strategic Plan

The leadership of the International College of Chiropractic Neurology has established a strategic plan to guide the College.

ICCN Mission

Serving our profession to provide the highest quality musculoskeletal care.

ICCN Vision
Keeping the world in motion through the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.

Core Values: The following values reflect our guiding principles

  • Excellence: Develop, encourage and reward the highest standards in all of our endeavors.
  • Professionalism: Account for the highest professional, clinical and ethical standards to our peers, our patients and the public with integrity and transparency.
  • Leadership: Champion the development and advancement of future leaders, through example, education and experience in our organization, our practices and the world.
  • Collegiality: Embrace diversity and unity with our patients, our profession and our stakeholders.
  • Lifelong Learning: Commit to continued professional development by advancing the science and art of neurological care to serve the needs of our patients.

Strategic DomainsEach domain is equally critical to the successful achievement of the ICCNs’ mission and vision:

  • Advocacy: Champion the interests of the neurological profession to provide access to care and be a resourceful ally for chiropractic neurologists and neurological patients.
  • Education: Promote ICCN as the premier resource for neurological learning.
  • Membership: Anticipate, understand and respond to the needs of our current and future members.
  • Organizational Excellence: Maintain an efficient, nimble and lean governance and operational organization responsive to member needs.
  • Quality and Patient Value: Empower chiropractic neurologists to be leaders in quality neurological healthcare teams as a means to deliver value to our patients through evidence-based cost efficient practices.

Essential ComponentsEach component is critical to the successful achievement of the ICCN mission and vision. The components resonate through some or all of the strategic domains:

  • Communications
  • International Initiatives
  • Partnerships
  • Research
  • Technology
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About Richard Cole

Richard L. Cole, DC, DACNB, DAAPM, FICCN, FICC is a doctor of chiropractic, with advanced training in chiropractic neurology and pain management. Also, he is a fellow of the International College of Chiropractic Neurology and a fellow of the International College of Chiropractors.

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